May 27, 2024

Put some magic in your fundraising

you wont find anything else like it!

If you hate fundraising (and who doesn’t?), Joe Furlow provides the simplest solution you’ll find all year with his new book Behind The Curtain.

Every copy of this deliciously scandalous book sold to members of your organization will generate an automatic donation to your cause. And unlike others in the magic world, we’ll show you how this trick works:

Raring to help Rotary? Get your promotional code. Need charitable funds for church? Get your promotional code. Scheduling events for school? Get your promotional code. Special project for your sports team? Get your promotional code.

Want to raise more money? Tag #Behindthecurtain on your social media posts and remind everyone to use your personalized promotional code at checkout. You’ll get credit for every book sold, regardless of where they come from.

Want to support more than one organization? AWESOME! We’ll be happy to set you up with as many personalized promotional codes as you need.


Because Joe Furlow’s as passionate as helping the non-profit community as you are, and there are no limits, and no strings attached.

Let him help your organization, starting today, with the easiest fundraiser you’ll find all year. You can tap that free money starting now; all you have to do is look Behind the Curtain.

Get your promotional code NOW.